Hi All,

I think I'm developing tendonitis in my hip (I've had tendonitis in other places already), I'd like to do what I can to strengthen things and loosen up the area. (I have a great therapist, but he requires a doctor diagnosis first and prescription first)

The pain(I'll refer to it as pain but it's really a burning sensation) seems to be at the head of the rectus femoris, where it connects to the bone. It is at least in that area, I think. It will burn from long periods of sitting or when I lift my knee to chamber a roundhouse kick (think Kyokushin round house, where the knee is high up to the side, tucked behind your elbow before you swing the hip over). I don't feel any pain if I throw knee kicks or lift the knee in front for a front snap kick. It will bun after 20 or so V-ups as well.

I suspect something is overcompensating in the area. I have even noticed that my left leg(problem side) is a little smaller/less muscular than the right. So I know this is becoming a long term problem.

My regular leg day routine consists of squats or pistol squats. I first noticed this pain about a month ago after sitting in "kiba dachi" - a deep horseback stance position that the whole class had to sit in, with each student counting to 20. It was unfortunately a big class. I'm pretty sure my stance is correct because I don't collapse my knees, but I suspect another muscle somewhere is compensating when I lift my leg. I also have intermittent knee pain, and sciatica pain which is probably related to the hip.

I used to do deadlifts but I injured my elbow & wrist a while ago and haven't been able to focus on my back/upper body. Now I can fyi.

Any advice would be appreciated! I tend to do body weight workouts but I have access to machines of all kinds including one for hip adduction/abduction (I work in a gym) so if you have any suggestions, could you use the name of the machine or link to a video/image etc? I don't have a great understanding of gym equipment or different workouts since I'm a martial arts instructor, not a personal trainer. So far, on a whim, I've been using the hip machines mentioned previously, with 40 lbs. It feels pretty good in the trouble areas (like it burns, but more like a good movement burning that goes away when resting between sets). I also will hang my legs off of the edge of my bed , tummy down ( I don't have a physio ball) and lift my leg - 15 reps/3 sets each leg. Not sure if I am moving in the right direction or causing more irritation.

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