Hi all,

New to the forum so apologies if not following protocol/posting correctly.

So the problem:

When my body undergoes a sudden or unexpected compression I get a very sharp pain that's quite bad in the mid-upper right region of my back, closer to my spine than shoulder blade. I have a feeling it originated from a bad fall or two from snowboarding a few years ago. The pain is not chronic, but it is specific to the one spot. In general I forget the issue exists, but when it hurts it is really bad.

Examples of when it has badly affected me have been when I was working on a small boat and the crashing into waves would sometimes jolt my back, or if I was on a ski holiday and go for a small jump, it can sometimes cause issues. The point sometimes hurts/aches over time when I try and do some back exercises in the gym including stretching.

My GP said they could not feel anything wrong with the muscles on a quick inspection, but I can obviously feel something is up.

If anyone has any idea as to what is happening that would be great, alternatively if people could recommend specific excersizes to try to help it, that would also be massively appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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