Hi there,

I have been having issues with my wrists for nearly half a year and I would love some extra advice to go with my physiotherapists if anybody would be so kind. He has diagnosed me with De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis in both wrists.

Cause of problem: Barbell bicep curls, I let my wrists extend too much and a few hours after they got sore and have had problems ever since.

Initial symptoms: Initially everything was sore such as flexion and extension with a band. Any weight on the wrists was sore.

Treatment: I have been doing band exercises (flexion, extension) for over 3 months and now this is no longer sore in both wrists.

Current issue left wrist: The problem that is still with me on my left wrist is flexion of the wrist with radial deviation. It is not sore 99% of the time, but if I play guitar, the wrist that doesn't pick is in this position and then when pressing on the frets it is sore. This has stopped me playing guitar for 6 months. I have been doing band exercises to stretch out the tendons that go to the thumb but they haven't done much the last few months.

Current issue right wrist: This has been the best one as I haven't aggravated it when playing guitar. However I did play squash a month or so ago and an hour or so after it felt very sore and felt like I was back at square one. I did the band exercises and after another month it has settled down again. I haven't played again and will see what you guys and the physio say.

Question: Basically I seem to be plateauing with my progress in both wrists. I don't know if the problems are the same or not.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and I am happy to give more details if that would help. I am sick of not doing my hobbies!



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