Hi All,

I have a weird elbow issue. e.g. I get a slight pain in my elbow when I am applying pressure with my arm between 90-60 deg. The pain is medial but more at the back of the arm.

I weightlift and it presented itself at the beginning of one session. It had not hurt at the end of a previous one. Itís not awful and I can train through it but I am always wary of doing that. I have continued to workout but have ditched bench press.

I initially thought it was golfers elbow but went to see someone and they think the issue is more tricep related although I feel it in the elbow. They did various tests and it was worse on extending the tricep with pushing with the palm. Stretching at all angles was fine.

There is no loss of strength and no worsening pain after training. Pulling exercises are no problem. Gripping is no problem.

Donít understand, my understanding if itís golfers elbow it would get progressively worse which is not the case.

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