Hi everyone, Iím really glad this website exists and thank you for taking the time to read my question.

Currently I have an issue in my left rotator cuff and inside my armpit and lat where, if I lay down or sit upright, I get a dull pain going through said areas. Itís feels like tremendous pressure, like how your arm feels when you get your blood pressure taken, but if they kept pumping and pumping.

It started a few days ago when I went back to the gym after some time out. I did a chest and back workout (pull-ups, dips, bench press) but I didnít warm up. I felt a pinch in my rotator cuff at some point during the workout and over the next 48 hours my rotator cuff got more sore and I had trouble turning my head.

Now, a few days later, the pain I felt from the injury has all but gone, but Iím left with this issue described above.

if I bow my head to the right (chin to chest, head turned to 2 Oíclock looking at the floor) the inside of my armpit, lat and rotator cuff all get this right, restricted dulll painful sensation. Almost as if bowing my head is pulling some tight, invisible string around these muscles.

I was having real trouble sleeping when the rotator cuff injury was fresh, but now I sleep on my right side and only get woken up once or twice during the night.

I should note that I now have a tender, swollen lump in my armpit, like when you get an infection, but nowhere else is painful to touch/poke/prod.

I have no known health issues, i exercise regularly, am fairly lean and athletic, weighing 92kg at 6Ē2í. Iím 30 years old.

I saw a physio today and he was a bit baffled so I did some more googling and came across this website.

Thank you,


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