27 y/o with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Every physical therapist, manual osteopath, physiatrist is having trouble diagnosing SIJ dysfunction. Left leg is longer than Right in supine, long sitting, and in prone. Difference varies between 1cm to 4cm. All landmarks are lower on the left than the right in all positions, except PSIS seems slightly higher in standing and even in other positions. Significant pain near left greater trochanter for 5 years and in wheelchair. Left PSIS feels very loose and unstable. Myogenous significant TMD and right lateral throat pain likely related to SIJ dysfunctions. Significant groin pinching and radiographs donít show much. All muscles on the right side shorter and tighter than left from pelvis up.

Which doctor or Physical therapist speciality should be seen? Is there any course, speciality or expertise I should look for? Are there any top of the line SIJ dysfunction focused clinics or medical professionals out there that could guide me. Cost is not an issue.

Have had all sorts of diagnosis and corrections: sacral torsion, hypombile sacrum, bilateral upslip, right upslip, inflare, outflare, left downslip, anterior rotation on the left and rarely on right. The symptoms and testing described above is how I feel 90% of the time Iíve been tested.

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