Hi every one. I am a sports rehab student looking for a second opinion.

I have a client who practices contemporary dance. they have pain and tightness in the medial portion of the hamstring.

PMH = pain in stretching of the medial aspect of the hamstring, approximately a day following an intense dance session.

I have palpated and conducted a postural assessment and concluded that it is either her adductor or the semi membranosous of the posterior medial aspect of the left hamstring injured either from overstrectching that area or overusing that area.

I am currently conducting effleurage on the area, in an attempt to break down any scar tissue that is still in the area. she has been attending sessions for 3 weeks now, so I can say that the injury has started to heal, and therefore scar tissue would be present.

I would like to gain any professional opinions on what I can do for my client to recover quicker/more effectively/safer.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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