Hello, thank you for providing this forum, I am looking for some advice after a recent injury during yoga. If it doesn't settle in the next few days I will definitely be going to see a physio.

Two days ago I was attempting to do front splits during a yoga class (I do yoga 3x per week and am relatively flexible and strong and generally know my limits!) On this occasion I noticed I was very close to achieving the full splits quite easily, which I haven't done before, so I decided to push a bit further. I was well warmed up and it felt comfortable. My right leg was in front. Suddenly something popped and I was in the full splits, but the movement was very sudden and there was a horrible sound from deep inside the hip joint! Yuck! I didn't feel pain exactly but I knew that it was not a good movement, there was such a big 'thunk'. I instantly got out of the position and although I stayed in the class I took things pretty easy after that. I have had some pain/discomfort since (I woke several times that night with discomfort) and most noticeably am unable to walk freely without a limp. I consciously try to walk straight but it's all pretty stiff, particularly in the area from the tailbone to the 'sitting bone' and out towards the outer hip. I really don't want to overdo anything stretch-wise (I haven't done any yoga since) but nor do I want it to seize up and get any stiffer. I am wondering if anyone can give me advice on how long I should rest it or what stretches would be good to try to try to remedy it. I have been having hot baths and using tiger balm and paracetamol for pain. I understand it is hard to assess from a description alone but any suggestions would be welcome!

For background, I am 40, female, 63kg and 158cm. I have had a bit of hip/pelvic instability in the past (particularly during my 2 pregnancies but more recently I strained my left hip and knee last month during a run - nothing compared to this current issue - ie there was no effect on walking etc, just a bit of limited mobility when it came to certain yoga positions, and at times it felt like there was a slight misalignment somewhere. But it suggests there's some instability in the region overall.

Thank you!

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