Hi there. Im contending with one hell of a frustrating issue that i cannot get to the bottom of. About 1 month ago, i went to bench press and experienced a severe lack of strength in the left tricep. I didnt notice injuring myself beforehand.. To coincide with this, the upper left portion of my back was in pain with slight muscle spasms in the left pec and lat.

I subsequently went to visit a physio who ironed out a few knots in that region along with a possible impingement in the pec minor area ( upon him pressing here i noticed my tricep hurt) . After physio, pain was eliminated in my back .

He initially thought it was a nerve impingement but i have no numbness or tingling sensations..

After a week long rest he recommended getting back to the gym and training low weight high volume.. this in turn has returned some strength to the upper left area. But.. im noticing that my left pec..lat and tri are not firing and consequently no pump... im not sure but it feels as though my shoulder isnt stable.. no pain but left shpulder doesnt feel comfortable .. moreso an awkward feeling with any over head pressing movement. Lastly i still have these slight muscle spasms.

Any thoughts hugely appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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