I've had an ongoing ankle problem for 7 months. Worse on exercise (which I do a lot of) but pain got so it was constant. Aching at night higher up my leg in my outer calf. I can only go down stairs sideways, etc.

so had an mri and got the result back today. Consultant said I've torn a muscle badly and he's referring me to an ankle specialist and got up to go. I asked if I could have a copy of the report and he gave me one and then left. It seems I have a torn tendon not a muscle? A problem with another tendon and torn ligament?

It it also says I have significant high signal on the distal fibula. I understand distal and fibula but not the high signal bit. Though google suggests its common with stress fractures. Am I likely to have one? I go to the gym 7 times a week and cycle 14 miles a day. Do I need to stop running? Can I carry on cycling? 928CBA19-00D8-480F-A5D4-58C4264EF0DC.jpg928CBA19-00D8-480F-A5D4-58C4264EF0DC.jpg

I did try full full rest including a walking boot for 3weeks in sept/Oct and it seemed a bit better while I had the boot on but symptoms came back straight away. I was seeing a physio but they referred me to the orthopedic services at the hospital and I haven't gone back to physio while waiting for the mri result as they seemed unsure what was wrong.

Is is it worth going back to the physio now, can they help? Or do I just need to rest? Might it need surgery?


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