Hi there,

Over the last few months, I have been involved in sports with a lot of sprinting and jumping. I have also been doing a lot of lower body lifting, including heavy squats.

Approximately six weeks ago, I was performing squats when I felt pain in my right knee, which enough for me to stop as a precaution. I think this pain was in the front area of the knee but it is difficult to recall.

I rested for a few days without any further issue.

Over the course of a few hours into running, I developed a pain in the back of the knee. It is a general pain in the whole area.

The pain has remained to this day and has not changed a great deal. It seems to come upon fairly quickly when I start running and it is enough to stop me from running properly. It will then be symptomatic and painful to walk on but calm down after a few days to the point I only notice it again when running.

The back of the knee is very mildly sore to the touch.

In the last two weeks, there seems to sometimes be a very dull pain and tightness in the inside upper quadrant of the front of the knee.

I have seen a physiotherapist several times as well as a sports general practitioner. Ultrasound did not reveal a baker's cyst. There is no excess fluid or swelling. The GP commented that it did not seem like a meniscus injury.

Up until now, I had been playing sports two to three times per week and resting it for the remainder of the time. I have more of less completely rested it now (apart from physiotherapy exercises) for approximately two weeks. It seems to be slightly less symptomatic but no big change.

I have noticed that the vastus medialis muscle is very tender and applying massage to that area seems to temporarily relieve the pain. Other muscles in the leg aren't tender to touch.

I have been referred for an MRI with the reasons listed only as muscle strain or tendinopathy. However, I am supposed to compete in a sports carnival in around one and a half weeks time so I just want to see if there is anything else I can do, as I won't have the MRI results in time.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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