Greetings from Northeastern Québec where the snow has no end this year ! I am age 72. Very active. 2 months ago, I fell backwards, left foot stayed under me and I therefore completely tore free 4 quadriceps tendons that were surgically re-attached to kneecap. Am presently wearing brace with pivot at knee, set for 30 degrees of flexion. Everything is fine. I am limping much less My question is: given the fact that I can now use the damaged leg to push my computer chair backwards quite easily and without pain, ( it's on casters, of course ), could I use my Jeep with a clutch pedal ? To me, that movement does not really involve the repaired ligaments as the leg pushes DOWN and not forwards. I tried it just once, no pain, went well. Better be safe than sorry. Thanks for your time.

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