Hello everyone,
I am posting about an issue which is worrying me a lot. I have tried many methods and is still helpless with no answers..
I'll get into the point and then talk about why it is so frustrating.
There is something wrong with my right foot which is causing me pain when I plant my foot, the only abnormality I can visibly see (compared to my left foot) is from the following picture.
line_1556337268174.jpgthere is a noticeable "bump" on my right foot as shown by the red circle (it's not too clear in this picture, but it's there)
It causes me minor pain when I run, but increases when I plant my foot with power, and pain at it's maximum when I perform the following motion in soccer.

injury.jpgSee how the left planted foot has the base planted but the leg rotated at an angle? This motion I can no longer do.
I initially thought it was a muscle injury (and was told it was by school physio personal), so I rested for roughly 6 weeks. The bump got smaller after a while but didn't change much after, and I was not feeling pain.
I played soccer again and turns out, whatever is wrong with me is still there

I went to the hospital, the doctor didn't really treat me seriously and said it's just basic sports injury and told me to rest and man it up essentially. He did eventually give an x-ray and said it's not a bone issue.
But because it's so hard to get any other scans in Canada (unless you're close to dying), the doctor didn't think I should qualify for more tests and said I should visit a physio clinic..
He even said he doesn't know why I'm in pain, but won't do anything else to figure out what is the root cause...

I am very scared because this is after I had rested for 6 weeks, and now the doctors are still not interested in helping me, I really just want to know what is wrong, is it just a very bad sports injury,
do I need surgery, etc.. please help, thank you so much.

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