Perhaps you may give some incite into solving my problem.

I suffered a horse riding accident Show jumping at speed about 6-7 years ago. I fell from around 3 meters hight (as i was in mid air over a jump of 1.20m at speed). I fell directly onto the top left hand side of my head. Full impact to my head with full body weight behind me. If you imagine an arrow being thrown and the arrow head landing stuck in the ground with the feather end in the air, that would be me, head first with feet in the air.

I suffered a concussion. I was helped by paramedics but allowed to go home. At first they suspected a broken neck. Unfortunately i was young and silly and didnt go to the hospital.

Since then i have suffered regular stiffness on a daily basis, moderate pain most days and high pain at least once a month. I suffer with migraines regularly on the left hand side of my head, i have to watch my posture at all times and can only sleep with a flat pillow on my right hand side.

The pain is from the left hand side of the base of my skull, down my neck and into my shoulder, seems to follow down and behind my left shoulder blade.

I have a high pain tolerance ( I have broken many bones in my Horse riding career and once had a fractured arm for over a week before i realised it was broken, i assumes it was just a bit sore. ), but this pain unforgiving and has never seemed to recover.

I have lived with the pain for over 6 years now.

I have found a good Physio who seems to be the only one that can help ease the issue. But without doubt it always returns. If i sleep heavily, sit in the wrong position for 2 minuets it can trigger it again. It remains tight and aching at all times. I have some weakness in my left arm permanently.

He has suggested an MRI scan over the years.

I would like to know if there is any treatment that can help cure or treat this issue. I would like some suggestions as my treatment is quite expensive over all these years. I honestly feel like i could go on a weekly basis for the rest of my life and it would just be slightly eased.

stretches etc given my doctors and physio do not help.

If i had some knowledge on this issue, i feel i could approach my Physio (who is based at a private hospital) for future treatment or approach my doctors via the NHS as the treatments are expensive and i am entitled to NHS treatment.

I have given up Horse riding professionally and as a hobby. I find it hard to work out with this condition. It impacts my daily life.

From diagrams the pain seems to be from the base of my skull on the left hand side and where the levator scapilae runs.

Any info would be greatly helpful.

Many Thanks !!!!!!!

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