Hi All, I've had really bad pain in my wrists on and off for about 14 years now so any nudge in the right direction would be make you a hero in my eyes!

At 16 (31 now) I first had a ganglion cyst in my right wrist on the dorsal side, right on top of the wrist in the middle'ish. Unfortunately the doctor decided to whack it with a book to pop it. After that it came back twice in the next year and I drained it myself (wasn't going back to the doctor after that), it hasn't been back visually since.

Over the years I have gone through 'flare ups' that would last about two weeks or so where I can barely use my wrist and hands at all, the same wrist. Strangely over the last three years It's started happening on the left hand wrist as well which is very odd.
The pain is always in the exact same place in both wrists and there is never any swelling, redness or pain to the touch during a flare up. I've had my c reactive proteins tested 3 times during a flare up and there is never any sign of inflammation (would have thought tendinitis makes the most sense).

The pain is worse when twisting the lid off a jar or lifting anything that puts my wrist off it's axis, side to side or in flexion. The one sure fire way to make it hurt is to put my wrist into light flexion and then push my index finger further. I'll add a picture of the area in pain in red and the direction I push the finger in white/blue.

I've had the wrist X-rayed, all clear. However the MRI said: "There is a small joint effusion within the radiocarpal joint with extension into the pisiform recess. The bones are seen without signal change.
The scapholunate and lunatotriquetral ligaments are seen with normal signal intensity.
The triangular fibrocartilage complex appears to be normal in signal intensity and shape.
The flexor and extensor tendons appear to be unremarkable. The subcutaneous fatty tissue appears to be unremarkable."

Have also had other random blood tests done, only thing to come out of that was a high bilirubin count indicating Gilberts Syndrome (assumed unrelated).

I'm a structural engineer and have always been on computers, try to keep good ergonomics which I think helps. It's honestly quite hard to figure out exactly what kicks it off... I do gym, less so over the years due to the wrist, have stopped playing piano for the last 5 years and have stopped playing computer games over the last 3. At the gym I've also stopped using my hands and only use an ankle strap around my wrist for light weights and run.

So yeah, quite a lot of information! If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them, I'll pretty much try anything at this stage!


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