About 8 years ago, I was in a bicycle accident. Four vertebrae were fractured. I had vertebroplasty on two of them. I lost 1.5 inches in height due to the accident.

I ended up with scoliosis and my upper spine is horizontally twisted (e.g., my belly button has moved). I am able to sleep at night without pain (thank heaven).

I do everything I can to stay in shape. I bicycle about 70 miles a week. (The great irony: I can bicycle for hours with no back pain.) I lift weights 3 days a week, mostly upper body lifting.

The problem: If I walk for more than 30 minutes, then my back starts severely hurting. the most severe pain is on the middle left side of the back. I do not take pain medication other than occasionally Advil. The best way to relieve the pain is to lay down on a flat surface with a pillow under my head for 10 to 15 minutes. The pain will go away. I then can walk for another 10 or 15 minutes. I can walk farther (much farther) if I use walking poles.

I can do a lot of activities, but the inability to walk more than 30 minutes is a significant problem.

Any advice as to what I can do to help the pain?



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