I wonder if someone can help as I'm finding this impossible to resolve through the current help available to me.

I am a police firearms officer and I was deployed overnight to an operation. It was essentially a siege where I was stood with the heavy kit on and weapons slung for 8 hours. Nothing happened, I received no knocks, falls or fights, I was just stood there wearing the equipment. My firearm weighs maybe 13kg and the sling goes over my shoulder and sits on my trap and neck. It was hanging from this strap for the 8 hours.

The next day I woke up with a complete paralysis of my right trapezius muscle. I cannot activate this muscle at all and it's now 9 days ago. My right shoulder is slumped forward as there is no muscle keeping it back. I can raise my arm forwards with no issue and sideways to 90 degrees (delts) but absolutely nothing after that. If I shrug and flex my left trapezius is raised and working as per normal but my right is sofe and cannot activate it in the slightest.

I've seen 3 A&E doctors and the last, who was the consultant told me I had a winged scapula and treatment was physiotherapy.

I went to gp to be refered for physio and saw 2x GPs who told me it was NOT a winged scapular but didn't know what it was, other than paralysis. I've been refered back to hospital but have to wait 8 weeks for orthopedic appointment.

In mean while my neck, shoulder and other muscles are causing me issues as they are having to take over from my dead trap.

Any help will be so greatfully received! Thank you!

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