Hi everybody!

I would be very gratefull if someone could help me. The last 2 years have been hell for me.

I have had a series of very unfortunate events happen to my head, muscles and cervical vertebrae's. I can explain what happened to me in full detail about the incidents and all symptoms, let me know if it's needed.

Clinical findings:
Herniated disc between C5-C6 (it fills the whole medial space in foramina intervertebrale, translated this as best as i could from danish)

Physiotherapist says that C1+C2+C3 are locked (immobile). I can get some mobility in them if i stretch different muscles.

My question:

After the incidents i developed some muscleknots. They could also be lymph nodes but it's very hard to be sure.

I have one suboccipital muscle that seems to be very stubborn when i'm trying to get it back to a neutral (healthy) state.
The knots in the back of my occiput seems to be related to this muscle. Both vertigo and tinnitus seems to get better if i massage them gently.

I have taken a screenshot in essential anatomy and edited it in paint to try and show where the knots are located. Red is the biggest knot which is never tender or gives any pain when touched. Blue is areas that are tender (producing only mild pain when pressed on)

It's very very hard to do trigger point therapy on this muscle myself because of it's location.
Does anyone know the best approach to releasing it ?

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