Hello, I have had inner pain on my right knee for a while. I started noticing a slight discomfort last christmas when walking and it got much worse when I joined the gym and started climbing this summer. For context, I'm 24, 6'4" but not very muscular. I had a bad eversion sprain 6 years ago which didn't heal properly and had recurrent sprains since. Also last year I developed tendinosis of the peroneal tendons on the same ankle. So not very stable or healthy ankle let's say.

I went to the doctor and the MRI showed MCL injury and bursitis. I think I overpronate, especially on my right foot and I think that might cause or contribute to my problems. I have attached a video below showing some of the mechanics of my right lower leg and knee.

I wonder if you could give me some insight into the issue, and the kind of outlook someone like me has as well as potential treatment, technical talk is appreciated. I have not been able to do any impact sport for a long time and it starts hurting when walking more than 5 minutes. Also, pain builds up when sitting cross legged like this (right leg over left).

Thank you very much.

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