Hi, I've recently been receiving treatment for a winged scapular.

I've been attending regular physio and Pilates sessions for the last 6 weeks and I'm no longer suffering with a rounded posture.

I was playing golf at the weekend and chucked a very small rock (large pebble) from off the golf green and it felt like something popped snapped in my neck and shoulder, my neck and shoulder was agony for the rest of the day so i applied voltarol and took some ibuprofen. When i woke up the next morning the pain had subsided and i had restored full mobility to my shoulder (i previously had restricted movement lifting my shoulder above neck height).

I was somewhat concerned as to what may have popped/snapped in my neck, could it have been a trapped nerve which had released itself or muscle/ligament which has now fallen back into a neutral position due to my improved posture?

Does anyone have any ideas?

I'm due to see my physiotherapist this week for a further check-up, will let you know what she says.

Many thanks


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