I've been having this problem for over five years now. I am a very active individual and have a very active career, as a result these problems have become an unwanted part of my life with no obvious source. I apologise if I miss any details out as this is a very complex problem that has not been improved by several different physiotherapists.

I'll begin with my current dramas before going into my previous ones that have been improved/changed.

Currently, I'm still feeling a lack of support that I can only describe as occurring between the top of my right illiac crest, and stopping under my right shoulder. To describe this further, if I sit with my both my legs out and relax, my right side will completely drop wheres my left side will stay upright and supported. Essentially, if I'm to slouch with a lazy posture (not to advocate slouching), instead of slumping forward, I'll slump to the right. This extends into a feeling of muscular tightness under my ribcage that at extremism can feel like I cant fully expand my lungs. I try a lot of serratus anterior style stretches to overcome this which can stop the tightness temporarily, but it comes straight back.

From this, I sometimes get this feeling of being pulled into my right lower back while standing and sometimes sitting, as if I'm constantly fighting to stay at a natural posture (I describe this feeling as my back being a marshmallow that is squeezed to one side, one side normal, the other compressed tip to tip). From this I developed TFL tightness that I relieved with right sided hip adductor exercises that used to feel deep and beneficial, whereas now I feel like I can no longer get as deep as previous. On top of this, I get what feels like mental right sided hamstring tightness. I try to get a complete stretch, but always feel like I'm just on the edge of achieving this, and get left with this constant presence of tightness that I forget about as it becomes my norm.

Further from this, I struggle to build a right foot arch, and when this overall discomfort gets bad, I feel an uncomfortable, sometimes painful knot build under my right scapula that radiates to my right shoulder and sometimes up my neck. This can sometimes be felt during things such as push ups / pull ups (this is mainly under my right pectoral, and can radiate town my bicep/tricep).

My symptoms get significantly worse when I start running/ running with weight/ running uphill.

I'm sick to the back teeth of this constant tightness, pain, and uncomfortableness. The worst feeling mentally is that my left side is completely fine, no problems, healthy side of the body. No discomfort, no pain, no tightness, and seems to stroll along no problems while running, moving with weight etc. My right side seems to he an absolute problem child.

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