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    Brief Medical History Overview

    Age: 26, Male, Presenting Problem Since: 6 months, Symptom Behaviour: constant, Aggravating Factors:: exercise, No Investigations, No Diabetes, No history of High Blood Pressure, Medications: lexapro, No Osteoporosis, No Hx of Cancer, No Unexplained Weight Loss, No Bowel/Bladder issues

    Body shakes/ trembles

    Physical Agents In Rehabilitation
    So quick questions.

    2 years ago I started working from home. I don't go out much which means I don't move much. For the past 6 months whenever i do exercise even just a small amount my body shakes/trembles and feels like my nervous system is in over drive. Is this because I've barely moved in the past 2 years so my body is no longer used to it? Also to note for about a year I would just lay down and work on my laptop instead of even sitting (I know not healthy)

    I'm a 26 year old male.

    To be clear it's not an insane shake or tremble just noticeable enough for me to feel it.

    If it is because I haven't moved much I would imagine getting back into an exercise routine will eventually stop the trembling shaking when exercising?

    Note: I've had bloods done recently for most things and I'm in perfect health in terms of sugar, cholesterol, vitamins, thyroid etc..
    Also of note I've always had a trembling hand diagnosed as benign tremble from a neurologist 10 years ago.

    I appreciate any guidance.

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    Re: Body shakes/ trembles

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    Hi Thetheheh and thanks for your post.

    On the face of it I would suggest this is a typically normal response to exercise following a more sedentary lifestyle. As an example when I returned to a gym class after several years my triceps (arms) shook terribly even with a ridiculously low weight. My first though (as for most healthcare types) was that I might have MS of Parkinson's. Of course it was just the response by the body to having done nothing on that area for some time. In your example the history of a benign tremble could suggest you might be a little more prone to a similar response. The bodies release of natural hormones during exercise can also cause that trembling, anxious type feeling which can people feel a little paranoid about things. Usually continuing the exercise duration makes that settle.

    Can you perhaps provide us a little more information about the type of exercise you are doing and how long it takes for you to notice a change in the resting level of your symptoms. If it seems more obvious during a particular exercise type or activity then also pass that on. And when you stop exercising how long do your symptoms take to settle back to normal.

    Look forward to hearing from you


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