Posted a querie about back problems but still havent resolved the issue
Since around late Jan pain occured in the lats muscle right side in the back like a muscle pull and used anti inflammitries to calm it down ice heat salt bath fruits, tedious amount, but as soon as i did planks or some press ups (10 to 20 ) as thought it would make surround tissue etc stronger it came back after resting it a while ie two days
Went for a walk usual about 2 miles lumbar area stiff aching like mad again rested still got it daily awful ache stiffness
All these exertions are not helping but sleep more then enough hours, and eat decent greens etc salt sugar intake safe limits get regular multi vitamin and iron
Tried yoga qi gong siaticia stretches which dont think that is what it is but same thing every time, it eases up all fine 24 hours etc comes back, also replaced the mattress to foam which really hasnt done anything.
Havent had anything par tennis elbow before which naproxen fixed its getting very exhausting tired constantly as well.
If its muscle related how come it doesnt hurt to touch it ie its not tender so its think its nerve related legs get jellylike and jittery but not pain.
Are the NSAIDS the right meds othern then ibuprofen, paracetomol thanks

39 Male

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