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    Brief Medical History Overview

    Age: 25, Male, Presenting Problem Since: 7 years, Symptom Behaviour: Constant, No Investigations, No Diabetes, No history of High Blood Pressure, No Medications, No Osteoporosis, No Hx of Cancer, No Unexplained Weight Loss, No Bowel/Bladder issues

    Major problem / Symptomatic Areas

    Head, Neck - Posterior

    Shoulder - Posterior - Left

    Shoulder - Posterior - Right

    Post Bad posture. Shoulder and neck uneven.

    Physical Agents In Rehabilitation
    Hello everyone.
    I have had a bad posture from 5-6 years but only noticed this couple years ago. I guess it is a result of bad lifestyle.
    i have searched online about how to correct this but i feel my issue is a little different so I wanted to get help from experts.
    Here i have attached my images.
    Problems that I see:
    1- uneven shoulders
    2- asymmetrical neck (inclined to one side which makes my head tilted.
    3- head leaned forward.

    Can someone have a look and suggest exercises to correct this? I have searched youtube but I am confused.

    thanks in advance.

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