Hi all,

I'll start at the beginning and try to work my way through the issues chronologically.

I am a 21-year old male with ongoing right shoulder pain that's lasted for approximately 10-months. I've seen a physiotherapist repeatedly, but am currently unable to continue treatment due to coronavirus.

The issue initially started around 10-months ago, in the gym. When lifting fairly heavy weights (24kg dumbells, chest press/incline press) I'd feel a pressure on the underside of my arm almost as if the weight was pushing my humerus out of the socket (just a slight pressure, no pain). Then, one day I started to get a shooting pain radiating down my right arm from time to time when I'd reach out to grab a door, reach out to grab something in front of me, etc. This pain has now gone but other issues still persist.

After a few months, I had stopped going to the gym altogether. I developed neck pain too, a seemingly muscular issue that feels like I've pulled a muscle in my neck. I've had this symptom for about 4-months now too.

I backed off the exercise and took it easy for a while but the weakness always remained. I went to a physio who recommended I do shoulder stability exercises, which I tried for a while but they'd always make my shoulder feel worse. I went to get a second opinion from another physio who said my main issues were shoulder stability, and a slight winging of the scapula. She prescribed shoulder stability exercises but at a much lower weight, with much lower resistance bands. I've been doing these exercises for a while now (approx. 8 weeks, at least every other day). Alongside this, she prescribed neck stretches, daily, and I've been using a lacrosse ball to roll out my neck and on my scapula too.

I'll summarise everything here.

- Pain down outer right arm, no numbness, tingling, issues with hand, etc.
- Slight pain and discomfort at lateral base of right bicep, superior to lateral epicondyle
- Pain in right scapula and around the top of the shoulder
- Slight pain underneath right arm, inferior to glenoid cavity
- General shoulder weakness, can't lift weights like I use to be able to
- Interestingly, when I lie on a bean bag/chair and I rotate my head from front (flexion) to back (extension) there is a point where my shoulder will 'twinge, almost like something is catching and plucking a string (if that makes sense).

- Can go for a day or so being fine, and then will 'pull' it by moving my neck and then it's sore for the rest of the day.
- Again, seems almost like a twinge, muscles seem strained almost, leaning head forwards and then back will trigger a slight pain down neck.
- Pain starts probably C3/C4 but vertebrae down to T4 can be involved.
- Predominantly on right hand side.

I've attached some photos, which show some interesting alignment issues of the shoulder. Really not sure what's going on here, will do anything to fix it. Any more information you think you need, let me know.


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