I had pulled my hamstring while working out. I was doing squat jumps I think. I felt that deep, sharp pain in my hammy! I struggled to walk for weeks. Then after rest, ice and rehab things got better after about a month and a half. I was able to walk and workout again. Then after a while a bit of pain again there but it was not as debilitating to my functioning as when I initially pulled it.

Then I got the diagnosis that my injury may be chronic in nature. Then I did cross friction massage on a knot in my hamstring. With time I felt it getting better and the mobility of my injured leg was improving until the knot was eventually gone. Then I started walking again but still my injured leg does not have full mobility. Plus when I walk or jog my capacity to walk or jog is nowhere near what it used to be previously.

My knee also begins to hurt if I jog too much. So I thought it may be that I may have developed knee complications due to jogging and working out despite not having completely healed hamstring. Then I asked a physiotherapists and he said there's no issues with my knee. So what is exactly is causing these problems? I do also feel my injured hamstring being more tighter all the time. Nor can I fully extend my injured leg (although compared to before it's better owing to the cross-friction massages that I did.) What could be the possible cause?

Could it be that there's more than one knot at the back of my leg? So do I need to do more cross-friction work?

Or is it some other issue?

Please do answer me someone. The issue is bugging me for years.

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