Hello everyone

I am a 51 year old male of reasonably good health. I am not diabetic, I have no history of tendinitis or other tendon problems and I am not on any medication. I work in an office, so no heavy lifting is involved.

I completely ruptured my distal biceps tendon a couple of months ago while trying to lift a heavy load and due to various circumstances I was not able to have surgery to repair it. I understand that the window of opportunity for the surgical repair may have closed and the truth is that my arm is nowhere near as bad functionally as I might have expected, so I do not really mind. I can currently lift objects of up to 10-15 kilos with no pain or noticeable weakness, although I have not tried to lift anything heavier than that. I suspect endurance might be an issue if I had to do prolonged activity but it I have not had the opportunity to test this in real life.

My question is more about the future. Are there likely to be any long term complications from essentially not having a biceps, for example in terms of shoulder stability? What would I need to do to keep my arm functional and avoid problems as I get older?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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