I have a question about my big toe. I broke it over a year ago right in the middle of the nail bed. The bone healed properly, but my big toe has a larger range of motion in the last joint compared to my other one. I went to pt for 5 months and they wanted me to strengthen it and it's gotten much stronger, but the range of motion is still there. This is bad because my big toe has to cover more distance to produce the same force as my other big toe. This extra distance means my 2nd toe is activated more than it should be and thus bearing more weight, which has caused corns/calluses. At this point, I'm wondering what is causing it and because school has started I can't see the person I would for pt. My question is if this is something that can be treated through pt or have to be fix surgically. The first image is the one that was broken.
I'm not answering yes to X-ray or any scan because it was to check the bone healing and not the extra range of motion.

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