Hi, I'm a relatively fit 50 year old, have been strength training for years, have two young adult children and active and healthy lifestyle.
I've noticed in recent times that I am suffering a degree of urinary incontinence that i'm unaware of. ie. I go to the toilet and find my underwear damp and smelling of urine. Seems to happen when my bladder is full, I generally drink plenty of water and find I need to pee every couple of hours at least.
I notice that I used to wet myself a tiny bit if I sneezed or coughed suddenly with a full bladder but this is different now.
It comes after I did a fair bit of heavy training in 2018 and 19 for competitive bodybuilding and I had an umbilical hernia repair in March 2020.
Any suggestions as I can't afford a schedule of physio visits and I'm horrified this is happening to me!

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