I started with lower back pain into my left hip and down my leg approx. 4 years ago. This was investigated with MRI, x-ray and nothing was found. I have tried nerve pain killers, NSAID's and cocodamol, the cocodamol is the only thing that seems to relieve the pain for a few hours. I was referred to gynae to see if this was referred pain from something else.
I have since gotten pregnant and the pain has changed again. I get a central lower back intense pressure as if my back is going to explode, there is little I can do to relieve the pain, I have tried getting up, walking round, doing exercises, hot water bottle, positional changes, pillow in-between my legs or under my back. I really do not want to be taking stronger painkillers whilst pregnant.
It is difficult at the minute due to covid everything is on lockdown so am looking for some advice as to if anyone has any idea what it could be causing this pain and any help relieving it.

Many thanks

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