Just looking if any runners have had any issues with knee tracking. I've suffered with shin splints previously and had a hard time with them in October I took a break and when I tried to run again my left knee would pop inwards when I would land. I went back to see the physio I was working with at the time and worked on some single leg dead lifts and single leg steps ups which helped. I recently attended some classes and was taught some movements as crab walks, short glutes routines and different balance and proprioception exercises all of which I've been working on for the past few months. I'm also aware I need to strengthen my glutes which I've been doing with squatting regularly and working on bridges and Romanian dead lifts. I don't see strength as a problem as I have been regularly weightlifting and can easily barbell squat my bodyweight. The program has helped in some ways the knee tracking inward when I land is shorter and I have gotten better control stationary but still cannot run properly and recently I have had the same issue in my right knee, so when I land I have each knee turning inwards. I have custom made insoles which help with the shin splints and my knee tracking is better when I where and are supposed to help with my natural pro-nation. Nothing in my program so far has worked and I was looking to see if anyone else with knee tracking issues has had the same problem and has some different ideas to fix it.

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