Posting here to see if anyone may have some ideas of what may be going on with me since 2015 and getting worse. Truly appreciate any feedback or personal experience. I'm 55 years old.

- 2015: Left thigh (front and side) numbness. Happens almost always when moving/ walking.
- 2018: First bout with right side sciatica and plantar fasciitis. I had chiropractic treatment, eventually it went away although never 100% gone; it would come and go. 8/15/18, lumbar MRI
- 2019: Soreness and tightness in both buttocks and right leg muscles. Started to experience tingling and numbness all down my right leg. I've been to chiropractors that would sometimes help, but many times certain adjustments from chiropractor would trigger the condition so I stopped getting chiropractic treatment. Sitting on certain chairs seems to trigger the right leg tingling numbness/leg muscle tightness.
- Jan 2020: saw different Chiropractor. Had lumbar MRI 2/2/2020. Nothing shows as pinching a nerve. Does not think it’s a back issue; thinks it may be piriformis related.
- Feb 2020: had to stop playing racquetball; legs muscles felt unstable. Saw back surgeon to get professional option of my lower back mri. I've had 2 mri's of lower back, have (1) 1mm bulge and (1) 2mm bulge, but according to back surgeon, he said for my age group my back looks “pretty good”, definitely no surgery needed, nothing is showing as hitting a nerve. referred me to neurologist.
- March 2020: Saw neurologist. He performed nerve test on lower limbs which all came back normal. 11/2/20, had thoracic MRI. 12/24/2020, had cervical MRI. According to neurologist and radiologist reports, nothing in those mri’s that is causing the issue.
- Jun-Aug 2020: Physical therapy. Did not help my condition and certain exercises triggered the condition/made it worse.
- Feb 2021: Saw 2nd neurologist to get second opinion. Tests came back normal.
- Mar 10, 2021: Pelvic MRI. Nothing shows as causing my issue
- May 2021: have constant pain in upper left part of left buttock and sharp shooting pain in left buttocks/lower back. Lower back pain more prevalent the last 2 weeks. Walking is affected.
- May 28, 2021, Saw spinal pain management Doctor. Had caudal injection in lower back. After two weeks, numbness in right leg returned, on/off butt muscles soreness returned. Doctor thinks could be a hip condition; nerve(s) in hip may be involved. 2nd back injection would not be beneficial. Referred me to different orthopedic doctor to look into possible hip related nerve issue/entrapment. (appt on July 12)
- June: Upper left area of left buttocks, nearly constant dull ache and sharp pain persists.
- June 21-25, Pain in my lower back more to the left lower back, and also my left buttocks in the upper left area. Sharp shooting/stabbing pain I’ve had in previous months has gotten worse. To the point I will get a sharp shooting/stabbing pain in the upper left portion of my left buttocks that shoots downward when walking. When it happens, my leg sort of buckles, I don't fall or collapse but it shocks me and I have to catch myself.
- June 25 (night): Constant burning sensation in the upper left part of my left buttocks/left hip area all night.
- June 26: Very sharp stabbing pain down front of left thigh radiating towards the groin. Constant burning sensation in upper left part of left buttocks/left hip area.
- July 2, Getting worse. Sharp shooting pain when I walk, starting in upper left part of left buttock and left hip area. Constant dull ache in upper part of left buttock/left hip area.

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