This is my first post to this forum, hello everyone.

I have had leg pain for many years and initially felt it was Sciatica.

However, current physio say it isn't but tight leg muscles. He uses something called "Activator" which looks like a pen and he check how long muscles take to relax/tighten.

My question is, due to the pandemic I have not been to physio for a long time and leg pain is getting worse even though I am doing all stretching exercises physio recommends. I am wondering if my lack of activity (i.e. just staying at home watching tv) during lockdown has impact on leg pain.

I have read up on leg tightness and seems that too little and too much exercise can cause issues, so what is correct amount of exercise?

Thinking of purchasing a bike and cycling for exercise. Would this be recommended ?
How much exercise is recommended ?

I have also purchases two types of resistance bands (rope and band) to doing exercises. Are these ok ?

many thanks

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