My knee pain started about 5 years ago when I was 35 after doing some squats and going up a 4 stories staircase. I have always had knees that stick out a lot and very thin legs.

After the initial injury the doctor said that they should get better within a few weeks but they took around 6 months to heal. During that time they hurt a lot if I tried to go up or down stairs or tried to run.

Even now that I am 40 they still sometimes ache at the end of the day, the pain comes from behind the knee caps on both legs. If I try to run or go up a lot of stairs, it feels good at first, like I'm using a muscle that hasn't been used for a while but then the next day they feel very bad and I'll struggle on them for a week or so, they don't feel like they would give way but a long pain and pains, especially on stairs. Swimming makes them feel a lot better generally, but I don't get that many opportunity's to go swimming. Some stretches I do cause them more pain, especially if I have my back to the wall and bend my legs and try to support my body, so I stop.

I would very much like to be able jog or run with my kids when we are playing games. Is there any advice on stretches or something which might be beneficial?

I would be eternally grateful.


John, 40

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