Hello everyone. I have had left hip pain for quite a while It's always stiff upon getting up and I have limited flexibility. I initially went to see a doctor and a chiropractor and they said everything was fine and nothing ever fixed it. I was tested for arthritis came back negative no markers for it. I am 6'3 and 240 lb and do a pretty aggressive powerlifting workout 3 days a week. The thing is I haven't lifted in a long time now( 5 months) been too busy at work and when I do not lift weights or exercise my hip pain gets extremely bad now I have noticed that when I sit up out of bed in the morning I get a bad groin pain. I was worried about a hernia but after I get stretched out and move around the pain never comes back for the rest of the day It's only when I first get up out of bed in the morning and for the first couple hours. I can lift as heavy as an object as I want, cough as hard as I want, or flex, or strain as hard as I want with no pain in the groin area??? Could my groin pain be a symptom of my hip pain? Anyone have any ideas? Thank you very much.

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