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Thread: Shoulder pain

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    Shoulder pain

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    Hi, I have pain in the rear of my left shoulder and am only able to keep my arm elevated to relieve pain. When I press behind my shoulder there is pain behind where my shoulder blade is; not right at the top, but in the middle. I can't sleep on any side and can only sleep on my back with my left arm outstretched. I cannot bend forward without pain and reach downward. I have to walk everywhere with my arm up in the air, to avoid the pain. I have only had it for about three days and have no idea what I've done to damage anything. All I can recall is propping myself up on pillows a few days ago and feeling stiff afterwards. The pain is now spreading down my arm and feels like the pain I had when I had tennis elbow. I realise that I must seek help, but there are no available immediate appointments and I would just like some advice about what I can do to improve matters. I have no pain in my chest or breathing problems. It feels like damage pain as opposed to symptomatic of something else pain. Thank you.

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