I decided to write here to get your opinion as well. I have visited an ortho and a chiro and both told me different things, hence my confusion.

I am not really sure when my problem started and how it started because I have a left knee pain that I feel during certain movements only. It probably started late Oct/early Nov and it was either caused by a muscle disbalance (I was working out for a couple of months outdoors i.e. mostly trained my anterior leg muscles rather than the posterior ones) or a figure 4 stretch because before the pain started I was hearing strange sounds in both of my knees when doing then (popping/grinding etc.)

The pain itself is rather strange and I cannot point a single spot where it hurts. I mostly feel it at the back of my knee and sometimes below my kneecap, slightly laterally. The things that hurt and made me notice the pain are:

- Sitting in a rolling chair and trying to scoot forward using my left (injured) leg only - I feel the pain both in the back of my knee and under my kneecap
- Taking off the shoe of my left leg using my right one - the pain is mostly behind the knee
- Crossing my legs in the figure 4 position with my left leg being on top
- Flexing my left leg with plantar flexion (using dorsiflexion does not produce pain or I should use tremendous force to reproduce the pain to a certain degree)

The ortho guy said that to him there is some kind of inflammation in my hamstrings and he wanted me to start a rehab at his clinic. I went 2 times but I did not get any relief at all. Then I saw a chiro that is regularly coming to our office and told him about the pain. He was about to leave but told me to sit down for a minute and massaged something behind my knee (the popliteus?) and this is probably the most painful thing I have ever felt in my life, massage wise. He told me that what he massaged was really inflamed according to him because it did not felt how it should or at least that is what I understood and I will go see him for a complete session tomorrow.

I will appreciate if you can also tell me your opinion based on my symptoms.

I started both - IT band rehab exercises/stretching/foam rolling and hamstring tendonitis rehab exercises (as per my own judgement) - there is some kind of pain relief after each session but so far I feel no long lasting effects (doing them for 2 weeks now).

What I am mostly baffled about is why is it painful to flex my knee using plantar flexion but not that much with dorsiflexion.

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