Good afternoon all, this is my first post and I'm looking for some advice if someone could kindly help.

Two weeks ago today I injured my right knee. The pain is located on the upper left side of the Patella, slightly to the side but it feels almost as if the bone hurts as bizarre as this sounds. I have been to see a physiotherapist about this last week, albeit a student sports therapist at University. They surmised that it was cause by an overload on the knee as I'd walked 12km the day before I injured it and then ran 10km the day I injured it. They suggested I deload on it for a week sticking to low impact exercises and then once the pain subsides I can start attempting to run on it again. I am now as mentioned two weeks into this and I don't feel like my knee is improving at all. When it first got injured I lived by the RICE principle for a few days and it seemed to get better.

What I'm asking is, two weeks into my injury is there anything I should be doing for my recovery? Should I still be icing? I have been using KT Tape to strap it up, is this the right thing to do or should I be leaving it alone?

I appreciate it's a knee injury so is a tricky injury to recover from but I am losing my wits not being able to go for a run, I have a half marathon pencilled in for the end of May and I want to be fit and ready to run it.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.



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