Hi! So i thought i'd put this up on here and see if there are any suggestions.

Im now 42 years of age but when I was 21 i started hitting the gym. After about 6 months on the left lower part of my shoulder I noticed a dull pain. I went to the docs who in turn sent me to a physio with little results. The exercises i were given at that stage were with therobands (i think thats what they're called) and were designed to strengthen the shoulder itself but they did little help and the problem persisted. It then developed more and transferred over to the opposite shoulder. As the years went by the problem worsened and worsened and now effect at its worse across my ribs (characterised as a burning pain) my upper back and around where my shoulder blades are. The pain that is fair consistent seems to be at the shoulder blades along with at the top of my shoulder concentrated into a single point.

I've been to see multiple physios who seem to be able to get the pain to go but never the actual problem is that makes sense. Chiropractors seem to have had the most job when adjusting my ribs and upper back.

The only exercise that seemed to make a dent in it was where you are on all fours and you life the opposite arm and leg up before then alternating. Although this helped it never really nailed the problem and i must admit i haven't got into doing those exercises again.

Any repetitive weight baring on my shoulder flares the whole thing up so for example if i picked up a small 5kg weight and stood upright with the weight to my side and then lifted the weight so it was level with my shoulder 10 or even 5 times then i wouldnt experience pain immediately. There would be no loss of strength either. But i would start experiencing pain half hour later with it then increasing over a course of up to 12 hours. I would also get pins and needles in the bottom two fingers.

I have been to a hospital 10 years ago who did varioud scans and tests but they just came to the conclusion that this is a a work related upper limb disorder caused by desk work. There is no doubt that sitting at a desk makes it worse (although that isnt the case now as i invested in a fancy chair). I have had many months on occasion where i havent been sat behind a desk yet the issue still persists.

Its so odd because i could lift in a pile of wood from outside over the course of 6 hours yet i cant even do a handful of press ups. Or for example i can carry my heavy one year old boy around but cant do the simplest of exercises with a tiny weight.

I guess im just looking to see if anyone might have any suggestions? Its a chronic issue that has really effected my life.

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