Reducing Pain - The Polyclinic - Seattle, WA (Polyclinic link is on their physical therapy specific approach as a certified McKenzie Clinic - The Polyclinic offers primary care as well as specialist care).

I had a family member a while back have to be referred to the Polyclinic physical therapy department as a patient of the Polyclinic as a whole (in Seattle, Washington) and the problem is that I think their method doesn't involve physical touch and the Polyclinic's physical therapy department is a "certified McKenzie Clinic." And it says it utilizes the fewest number of appointments.

Well, I remember the complaint was that they focused only on books and exercises from these books and not integrating exercises that technically physical therapists could do themselves. I believe the physical therapists don't like to touch patients and instead focus exclusively on that approach.

The problem was that the Polyclinic was great otherwise and any insurance was hard to get authorization for outside Polyclinic physical therapists.

I believe in integrating multiple theories rather than just one theory of PT. Especially if you don't do anything with the patient inside the clinic or can't help the patient's hands with your hands inside the clinic.

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