I'll try to be as brief as possible.

Was tackling jumpers knee, in store are release phase. Always felt my right calf/ankle complex was weak post surgery, but in a weird way. Decided to add ankle stiffness plyos, but right leg is SO much harder than left. Foot got really sore

Started noticing foot soreness next morning, and one day, I would describe it as "pain". Immediately assumed it was Plantar Fasciitis, due to general knowledge of "heel pain" from overuse. Thought I overdid my ankle stiffness plyos (and still, likely did). Note, no acute trauma, just went from soreness to slight pain.

Pain is:
Localized to medial arch, closer to heel
Very low. Not noticeable throughout day unless sitting for very long, then goes away after initial 1 min of walking

Things that alleviate pain:
Used to walk/train in minimalist shoes, but jump in volleyball shoes. Issue during plyo training was I used minimalist shoes. since then, I now use rigid orthotics and have bought stability shoes, both seem to do wonders for my foot.

My problem:
As far as I can tell, my dorsiflexion is GREAT. In fact, its better on my right foot then my left. Calf tightness is also non-existent unless I move into pretty far end of ROM. Also, I've been doing calf raises, and can technically do 3x12 with 45 lb straight leg. bent leg i'm never sure, but I use the smith machine to do 3x12 with 185 loaded to do soleus work. So I'm pretty frustrated at all the resources that say soleus/gastroc is weak, or tight, or lacking in dorsiflexion, because I don't think I am.

Things that made me think its posterior tibialis tendinitis:
Ever since my ACL surgery on right my knee, I felt like my right foot was flatter, but I couldn't explain it. Plantar flexing and inverting makes my foot cramp pretty easily. And all straight leg calf raises, instead of feeling it high up in the gastroc, I feel it really hard on the medial side of the calf, lower down, along where the muscle belly starts becoming the achilles tendon.

So, given all that, what would you say I'm suffering from, and what would be the expected treatment plan? Note, I'm seeing a podiatrist in July, but thought maybe a physio's opinion would be better. Im not playing volleyball till July (and even then its graded exposure, fully return to play in August), and I'm already working on any plantar fasciitis AND PT tendon work, just because i might as well throw the kitchen sink at my foot and make it stronger

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