I have been experiencing knee pain for around 9 months after an injury playing football. Recently (2 weeks ago) had an MRI scan and these were the results:

MRI Knee Lt: (reported 08-Jul-2022)
In the patella, there is clinical history: Left knee pain after landing from jump. Simultaneous
MRI left knee:
No significant degenerative changes in the femorotibial compartments. No osteochondral
lesions. In the patella, there is articular cartilage heterogeneity in the lateral facet, and minor
full thickness fissuring in the medial facet, in keeping with low grade chondromalacia patellae.
The ACL, PCL and collateral ligaments are intact.
The medial and lateral meniscus are intact.
In the proximal patellar tendon, there is mild abnormal signal, suspicious for a mild tendinosis
of the patellar tendon.
Focal oedema is noted within the infrapatellar fat pad at its superolateral aspect, a finding that
can be seen with fat pad impingement.
No effusion. Normal signal in the quadriceps tendon. Normal marrow signal.
Summary: No meniscal tear. No ligament injury. There is low grade chondromalacia patellae.
There is a mild tendinosis of the patellar tendon. Abnormal signal in the infrapatellar fat pad is
suspicious for fat pad impingement.“

Can anyone make sense of this for me please and possibly give me some advice moving forward? Seeing my physio next week but additional information and advice would be much appreciated!

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