Hello ~
Today I had my MRI follow-up with my hip surgeon. He has diagnosed me with a Gluteus Medius tear. I've already been through PT, just inflamed it more. I went ahead and opted for an injection today. Abs0lutely the most painful injection I've ever had. I've had s0 many shoulder injections, bilateral lumbar injections, knee injections, ect. He gave the injection right on top, just above the trocanter, exactly where my pain radiates from. He said he would be going to the bone. Directly after the injection I could not lift my leg to get off the table I was in so much pain. I took about 3-4 minutes to collect myself to lower my leg and slide off the table. He did say that this particular injection was one of the tougher ones. My question is should I still be in a lot of discomfort after 5 hours? The ache in my hip is horrible and runs down to the arche on the bottom of my foot. It's just as painful to walk as before if not more. Is this normal??

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