Shooting my shot here as I am getting quite desperate at this point.

I am 24, male. I am a sportive road cyclist (I used to be at least), I did about 400h of training every year for past 9 years.

This year I developed worst condition of my entire life. I have chronically tight right lower and outrer side of the trunk with misaligned hips.
I have been to countless therapy sessions and none of them seem to work. I have had both Xray and CT (will post CT translation below).
I always feel tight on my right ql and obliques area, sometimes right erector also tightens and if I work out or ride in any way I feel muscles contracting differently (right leg seems to be contracting more which also creatwd problems strictly at hip flexors especially iliopsoas and tfl)
Now what still stays chronically contracted and painful is the lower and outter right side of the back. I still feel slight numbness on femoral cutaneous nerve, it used to be worse when I think i over stretched it with couch stretch.

It contract more when I lean forward (foe example when i lean forward on my road bike) twisting me a bit. Physiotherapist says that L2 is moving when I am leaning forward and it seems the strongest pain symptoms occur at exactly that area but very deep (I am unable to feel that under lacrosse ball) Couple of physiotherapists said that i have scoliosis since there is visible bulge in my lumbar area in Adams test but spine aside of L2 stays fairly straightf (xray and CT does not show any big scoliosis as well, one doctor said its below 6 degrees, but I always had my shoulders uneven and it never created any issues).

During work out I feel like obliques are contracting differently (doing plank) and that right glute med is working way more than left one, after some time pain in tfl starts to occur.

I generally feel out of balanced since January and cause for all that is probably my misaligned bike cleat in right shoe when i was riding indoors in winter and I was working up to 10h a day sitting by the desk.

CT of lumbar spine description (apologies if unclear its translated from Polish):

Features of the transitional vertebrae of the thoracic-lumbar border (present vestigial Th12) and the lumbar-sacral border
sacral vertebrae (sacralization of the L5 vertebra with the L5-S1 residual intercostal disc) - 4 free lumbar vertebrae present
Failure to close the torso of the posterior vertebra S1 (L5) and the cross canate.
Lowering the height of the L4 - S1 (L5) intercostal disc. At the L4 - S1 (L5) level, a central protrusion of the disc is visible
an intercostal model that shapes the anterior wall of the meningeal sac and the left nerve root.
In addition, the CT image of the L-S spine and the structure of the spinal canal are normal. There are no destructive changes in the bone parts
Sacralization L5
L4 - S1 (L5) intercostal disc herniation.

Appreciate any feedback or suggestions what I can do next and any exercises. Thank you

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