Hello all!

We have created some free resources for those of you tackling the Canadian Competency Exam. A little backstory, I studied in Australia for my physiotherapy degree and moved to Canada. As you are all aware, you must past the PCE exam to be registered.

We have created blogs, podcasts, exam materials to better help you pass the exam.
If you want more content or a more structured course for the clinical component of the PCE please visit Clinical Component PCE Online PT Prep Course You can find a free preview of the course.
If you want some free mock/practice questions for the written PCE, you can view a free preview here. Written Component PCE - Mock Exam questions You can also find our free daily mock questions on our instagram. instagram.com/physioexam

For all other free content, please visit Canadian Physio Exam Blogs — Physio Exam & Physio Exam PCE Podcasts — Physio Exam

Free free to message me if you have further questions!

Good luck to you all!

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