Hey everyone!

I'm currently a last year high school student in Lithuania planning to apply for UK Physiotherapy BSc course. Advantages that I see Scotland universities have:
1) Their 4 year program is more widely accepted (meaning US and Australia)
2) Education is free (SO FAR, it is a subject to change as I understand)

Edge that England has:
1) Easier to find a part-time job there while studying
2) Student loan is guaranteed

PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong and add if there is annything else that I and others should know before applying.
Also, what universities do you guys recommend (especially keeping in mind that I plan to work in US/Australia/NZ after graduating)? For now I'm aiming for Cardiff and Robert Gordon, but don't really know much REAL information about them.

Please share anything related to this, I will be supah dupah grateful!!!

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