My name is Louise - I'm hoping to study physiotherapy next year, and am in the process of deciding which university I would like to attend. I'm 26 years old, and already have a previous undergraduate degree in Fine Arts (Theatre Production) - looking for a career change! I had originally planned to study physio when I was in high school, however I got caught up in the thralls of the theatre. After injuring my ankle quite badly a year ago - I've since had quite a bit of physiotherapy, which has been a fascinating process and has inspired me to finally pursue the career. Relevantly, I studied Physics and Physical Education in high school but am lacking Biology and Mathematics B (QLD subject) which currently doesn't meet the subject pre-reqs for entry into the JCU and Monash courses, though I'm looking to satisfy at least one of those subjects this year.

I was wondering if any physiotherapists (or physio students) on here would mind sharing where they studied/are studying, and their thoughts about the course (area strengths, or weaknesses) to help me with my decision.

I currently reside in Melbourne, but was born and raised in Queensland. Pretty happy to relocate almost anywhere, but am predominately looking at the east coast of Australia. Some courses I am currently considering are (in rough preference order) -
- University of Queensland
- Monash
- Charles Sturt (Albury or Orange)
- Central Qld Uni (Rockhampton or Bundaberg)
- University of Newcastle
- University of Canberra
- La Trobe

Does anyone have any advice or information that they could provide me with, with regards to any of these universities and the course they offer? Or things I should take particular note of? Questions I should ask?

Does anyone have any tips for the application process, or advice on ways I might be able to best prepare myself prior to studying?

Would there happen to be any physios in Melbourne that offer observational work experience?

I would appreciate any information, opinions or tips!

Thank you,

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