I am currently an undergrad student in Canada (studying business) and am looking to make a career path change to Physical Therapy. I intend on finishing my current degree and graduating in the spring of 2019, and then enter a program that will allow me to be certified as a Physio. I am a UK citizen as well and am looking at various schools across the UK, and am just a little confused about the differences between an MSc and BSc physio program. I have read conflicting things about the requirements for each and a student's employability post graduation. Since I do not have an undergraduate degree in the Sciences, would I even be eligible to apply for an MSc? Would it be smart to do an accelerated program as I have little background in science? I am not too concerned with the degree length of programs, as I just want to be as qualified of a physio that I can be. In summary here are my two key questions:
  1. What are the differences between an MSc and BSc, also what does pre-registration mean?
  2. Which path do you think I should take, a BSc or MSc path in terms of post degree employability and my current education status.

Thanks for the help!

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