Hey, I recently came across this forum and I was wondering if you could give me some counsel. I am currently a student of DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy), which is a 5 year bachelor's degree program, in Pakistan. I was hoping to go for Masters in Orthopedic/Sports physiotherapy from Australia after graduating.

It'd be great help if you could answer these questions:

1. Can you kindly tell me if it is possible for me to work part-time as a physiotherapist in Australia while studying, to meet the expenses? Provided that I manage to pass the license exam first.

2. If yes, will the job as a physio be enough to pay the tuition expenses, supposing that I am not granted a scholarship?

3. How easy/hard is it to find a job as a physiotherapist in Australia right after graduation, preferably as a sports physio for a sports team?

4. Which Australian universities offer the best post-graduate (Masters) course in orthopedic/sports physiotherapy?

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