I have a bachelorís degree in the humanities and am looking to make a career change to physiotherapy and to study in the UK (Iím from the US). My question is whether a UK BSc or MSc makes the most sense. I have been taking undergraduate-level courses in bio, chem, physics, and the other prerequisites required by US DPT schools/medical schools in a post baccalaureate program, but I donít think this is a thing in the UK. Iím going to mention it in my personal statement, but since this is slightly unusual, what is my best option for getting into physio programs given my degree in a non-related field?

My GPA is 3.73 at the moment with a couple more prerequisite classes to take. I need more volunteer/work experience, which has been difficult with COVID, but Iím finding some openings now. How likely are the BSc programs and the MSc programs to accept my qualifications and experience level? Data on acceptance rates would be great (maybe a reach, I know). I think MSc acceptance rates are relatively low(?), but I donít know about BSc.

Thanks in advance!

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